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Our Neighbourhood is Blooming – thanks to these wonderful women

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Bev Thorpe – June 24, 2020

Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan ground-breaking ceremony was held at Eireann Quay on October 25, 2019
Rose Hivbbert and Rosamund Dorrington in the garden behind Arcadia and Habourside Coop.

As I was walking along Bishop Tutu Street last Sunday in the heat, I heard a voice say 'I see you are admiring the plants - come and see what I've planted' and next thing I knew I was standing in Rose Hivbbert's front garden. It seemed every vegetable I could imagine was growing in her small space netted off against the birds. Who knew such a crop was growing on Bishop Tutu?  As we chatted she played the radio interview she had recently done for CBC while telling me how Adam Vaughan had lent her some gardening tools for the plots that she and other residents continue to develop.

Rose then pointed out Rosamund Dorrington, who was walking up the street toward us, noting  "this woman is really my teacher!' and off we all three went to look at the garden behind Arcadia and Habourside Coop. There we met up with Carole Therriault who was busy tending the rose bushes and other flowers, telling me how the coop has been such a life changer for her since she moved there ten years ago. She pointed to Ros' balcony filled with vegetable and flowers boxes, adding "we all need to know how to grow food'.

Wise words indeed, I thought clutching my cuttings that Rose gave me and feeling so grateful for neighbours like these wonderful women, who I just happened to meet while strolling down Bishop Tutu Street on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Rose Hivbbert
Rose Hivbbert
Carole Therriault
Carole Therriault



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