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About us

The BQNA’s mandate is to help improve the quality of individual and community life in the Bathurst Quay neighbourhood. The BQNA board is made up of representatives from the 14 eligible buildings in the Bathurst Quay neighbourhood. Our role is to act as liaisons for the community at the local, federal and provincial level to governments, business and community groups.


The BQNA board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre. All members of the community are welcome to attend. As residents, you form the general membership of this association, which was incorporated in 1990.

We are looking to add more building representatives and sub-committee members as a way to better represent areas of particular interest. Our current sub-committees include: Air Quality Testing in the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood and feedback on the Canderel proposal for 545 Lakeshore Blvd West.

We also have BQNA board and general members as representatives on Ports Toronto’s Community Liaison Committee and Noise Committee and on the City’s Community Liaison Committee for the temporary respite centre.


If you live in a building within the borders of Stadium Road and Lower Spadina Avenue, or south from the Lake Shore Boulevard to Lake Ontario, you are a member of the BQNA.


We will be re-building and updating our mailing list and website to keep you posted, via website posts and emails, of meetings and issues affecting our community.


BQNA list of buildings 
  • Tip Top Lofts
    637 Lakeshore Blvd W.    256 units / 11 stories

  • Harbour Channel Co-op
    633 Lakeshore Blvd. W.    119 units / 3 stories 

  • Arcadia Housing Co-op
    680 Queen’s Quay W.    110 units / 8 stories 

  • South Beach Marina
    28-38 Stadium Road     221 units / 3 stories

  • Toronto Community Housing Corp
    25 Bishop Tutu    160 units / 10 stories 

  • Toronto Community Housing Corp 
    679 Queen’s Quay W.   108 units / 6 stories

  • Harbourside Co-op
    22 Bishop Tutu Blvd.    55 units / 3 stories

  • Windward Housing Co-op
    34 Little Norway Crescent    101 units / 8 stories

  • Atrium on Queen’s Quay 
    650 Queen’s Quay W.    288 units / 16 stories

  • Queen’s Harbour
    600 Queen’s Quay W.    276 units / 11 stories 

  • 500 Queen’s Quay
    500 Queen’s Quay W.    187 units / 11 stories

  • 550 Queen’s Quay
    550 Queen’s Quay W.    245 units / 12 stories

  • King’s Landing
    460 & 480 Queen’s Quay W.    101 units / 11 stories 

  • Quay West
    90 Stadium Road    364 units / 23 stories

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