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Community Air Quality Study with University of Toronto

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Our close proximity to the Gardiner Expressway, Lake Shore Boulevard and the Billy Bishop airport, makes the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood a potential air pollution hot spot.

Councillor Joe Cressy with some past and present members of the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association board members
Outdoor air quality monitors on a balcony in Quay West condos and Windward Co-op roof

In response to this health impact concern, BQNA contacted Dr Marianne Hatzopoulou, the Canadian Research chair for Transport Research Air Quality (TRAQ) at the University of Toronto inviting her to present at a meeting hosted by the BQNA on May 15, 2019. In attendance were Barbara Lachapelle, Toronto Public Health; Angela Homewood from Ports Toronto; Bryan Bowen from Toronto City Planning, and Brent Gilliard from Councillor Cressy’s office. Discussion at this initial meeting centred on the need to test exposure to key pollutants to produce empirical data (versus 2013 Golder study that was based on modelling) to inform debate on future development planning.

The data collection began in January 2020 monitoring air quality from fixed, mobile and indoor sites in the neighbourhood by Dr. Hatzopoulou and a diverse team of researchers from the University of Toronto and the Southern Ontario Center for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (SOCAAR) with expertise in ambient air quality measurements (J. Brook, G. Evans, and M. Hatzopoulou), indoor air quality (J. Siegel), and chemical characterization of particulate matter (A. Chan). The study is estimated to take two years and is being overseen and directed in partnership with representatives from the BQNA, the City of Toronto and Ports Toronto.

Further updates will be posted when available.

Indoor air quality monitor at Quay West condos


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