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Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan revitalization projects – October 2022

Approved by City Council in 2017, the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan (BQNP) directed City staff to develop and implement a multi-phase, multi-partner approach to revitalizing derelict City-owned waterfront property in the Bathurst Quay neighbourhood.

Canada Malting Silo Property Revitalization – active projects underway:

  • Environmental remediation and approvals

  • Dockwall and water’s edge promenade

  • Airport infrastructure reduction

  • Historic silo rehabilitation

  • New arts and cultural centre

  • New waterfront park and plaza

  • Streetscape improvements

Canada Malting Silo rehabilitation

  • Construction started November 2021.

  • South silo to be complete January 2023.

  • North silo to be complete Fall 2023.

  • Extensive concrete damage posed public safety risk and barrier to site revitalization.

  • Hundreds of individual patch repairs finished off with a carefully colour-matched tint.

  • Roof repairs to help support future interior re-use plans.

  • Lighting test in the new pedestrian ‘portal’.

The Corleck Centre for Arts & Culture

  • Construction began in November 2021.

  • Project lead: Canada Ireland Foundation, architecture: Kearns Mancini Architects

  • Full structural build completed

  • 300 person capacity future event space

Streetscape improvements

  • A new community meeting place framed by public art.

  • Mural installation in progress.

  • Construction on ‘parkette’ to start Spring 2023.

New waterfront park and multi-purpose plaza

  • Construction drawings and specifications underway now.

  • Construction to start Spring 2023.

The silos as an iconic, illuminated waterfront beacon

  • Lights to be installed within the waterfront park and plaza scope.

The next chapter: Expanding east

  • Conceptual rendering: a signature waterfront gateway park

  • Consultation beginning in late 2022 / early 2023.


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