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City of Toronto noise survey – power device and vehicle noise

"The City is working on a report to respond to various City Council directives related to noise. Share your thoughts on restricting noise from two-stroke leaf blowers and other small-engine equipment, excessive vehicle noise in Toronto, and the potential use of automated noise enforcement and noise radar technologies."

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The City is working on a report to respond to various City Council directives since the Noise Bylaw was amended in 2019. Have your say on the following issues:
Restrictions on noise from two-stroke leaf blowers and other small-engine equipment
Potential strategies to reduce excessive vehicle noise in Toronto, including automated noise enforcement and the use of noise radar technologies
Feedback on these issues can submitted via email to by April 20, 2022. Your feedback will inform the staff report being brought to the Economic and Community Development Committee on May 30, 2022.
The report will examine the issues noted above as well as discuss ongoing improvements in how the City enforces noise regulations. This report will also outline plans for public consultations, along with considerations around the potential timing and analysis required for a comprehensive review of the amended Noise Bylaw.
Review of the amended Noise Bylaw The Noise Bylaw was comprehensively reviewed between 2015 and 2019. To inform this review, a Noise Working Group was established, a technical review of the bylaw was conducted by a third-party engineering firm, public opinion research was carried out, and a series of public consultations were facilitated by a third-party facilitator.
When the amended bylaw came into effect in 2019, the City was directed to report back on implementation, success and outstanding issues a year after the bylaw was implemented. This report has been delayed as City resources were diverted to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and as the Province of Ontario introduced regulations to limit the City’s authority to regulate noise during the pandemic. The City will review the bylaw amendments in 2023, in order to provide sufficient time for a comprehensive review, broad public consultations, and the collection of complaints and charges data. More information about public consultations will be available once plans are finalized.


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