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BQNA Air Quality Study – June 2022 activities

Campus-Community Partnership for reducing air pollution in the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood

Mobile air testing – University of Toronto Urban Scanner
Mobile air testing – University of Toronto Urban Scanner

June 2022 monitoring activities

The University of Toronto team are back testing for the next four weeks. They have selected balconies for the monitors at 5 strategic building locations in the neighbourhood. Two at Kings Landing, one at 28 Stadium Road, one at Arcadia and one at 679 Queens Quay West.

They are also placing larger rooftop monitors at Windward Co-op, Arcadia Co-op, the Airport's terminal building on the city side (next to ferry) and the National Yacht Club at the bottom of Stadium Rd.

The team is also doing mobile testing around the neighbourhood. So if you see a little blue car with air testing equipment on the roof (photo above), say hello!

Become a citizen scientist

For those in the community that don't have monitors but would like to participate, the University of Toronto team has asked (if interested) for you to keep an odour and activity log of smells (like aviation fuel), noise (aircraft idling and run-up, ferry and car horn blasting, motorcycle and engine revving.) etc.

This information will help the team correlate "peaks" of poor air quality readings with what was happening in the neighbourhood. Please download the log below and you can start anytime.

Download PDF • 66KB


Stakeholders involved with this project include the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association, the City of Toronto, PortsToronto, and Toronto Public Health. Special thanks go to the Citizen Scientists who participated in data collection.

This project is funded by a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) grant, matched by funds from the City of Toronto and Billy Bishop Airport.

For more information, visit the study web site.

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