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Bathurst Quay community safety walk

The community safety walk was held 12 April, 2022.

Route Information: West on Queens Quay; South on Eiranne Quay; Through Little Norway Park; North on Stadium Road; East on Lake Shore Blvd; South on Bathurst St; West on Queens Quay; North on Bishop Tutu Blvd; South on Stadium Road; East on Queens Quay. Planned stops at Little Norway Park, Stadium & Queens Quay, and Bathurst & Queens Quay.

Preliminary notes

Bathurst/Queens Quay crossing. Traffic lights to cross Bathurst are too short – particularly for people with walkers. Bikers pay little heed to the traffic lights/bike traffic lights. The speed limit here is 40 kmh with only one lane but other areas of the city post 30 kmh with multiple lanes.


  • Change speed limit to 30 kmh

  • Extend walk sign by 15 seconds at least

  • Post sign: ‘Cyclists must stop on Red’

  • Bring in sporadic traffic patrol on weekend – bikers can be fined; traffic service department is 416 808 1900

Busy intersection at Stadium Road and Queens Quay with bikers quickly accelerating to cross onto west waterfront trail, pedestrians trying to cross the road and drivers accelerating to get through streams of walkers and bikers. This intersection needs:

  • Larger stop sign with flashing lights

  • Repainting white lines – preferable with reflective paint

  • Speed bumps

  • Speed limit sign

Stadium Road down to waterfront to yacht club. Drivers go too fast. Drivers and delivery bans park opposite Windward Coop which makes access to and from difficult. Recommendation:

  • Put up ‘No Stopping’ signs at this spot Current no parking signs are not visible along most of this road and are ineffectual

  • Post speed limit – what is this 30kmh?

  • Put up speed bumps

  • Post signs: ‘Slow Down – Kids at Play’

Lake Shore Blvd West coming off Gardiner along Lake Shore. Cars drive very fast. Multi lane Lake Shore Blvd is dangerous for pedestrians crossing. Bikers use sidewalk. Current speed limit is 60 km/hr – this is too fast for residential area with growing population of pedestrians and bikers.


  • Reduce speed limit and post signs on Lake Shore Blvd W starting at Exhibition Place, Ontario Place.

  • Put up ‘speed reading digital signs’ that flash when over reduced speed limit.

  • Put up speed cameras and Red Light Enforcement cameras

Other issues noted:

  • Would be nice to have a mural painted on Toronto Community Housing driveway

  • Little Norway Park is a priority zone for removing tents; hypodermic needs still found in park. Contact 311 – or Homes First – important to publicize what people can do.

  • For dangerous intersections and traffic violations people can take a photo and email to Traffic Services with cc to councillor’s office. Important to put on record.


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