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Update: Pipeline dig on Queens Quay

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Enbridge Gas is no longer proposing to dig up Queens Quay.

Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan ground-breaking ceremony was held at Eireann Quay on October 25, 2019
The bike path and promenade along Queens Quay.

Enbridge Gas has decided not to proceed with the proposed pipeline dig on Queens Quay. The Lake Shore Boulevard alternative is now the preferred project route.

The central Waterfront became Toronto’s foremost recreational area when Queens Quay West was redesigned in 2015. Millions of visitors enjoy the beauty and vibrant cultural life, and it is a favourite place to live. The Queens Quay proposal would have torn up the newly revitalized Queens Quay and yet again disrupted the 509 and 510 streetcars and bike path.

Thanks to all in the waterfront community who took the time to send in their feedback to the proposal.

Joe Cressy, Ward 10 City Councillor:

After considering feedback from the City, Waterfront Toronto, and extensive community input, I am pleased to report that Enbridge has not moved ahead with the Queens Quay route proposal. Instead, the Lake Shore Boulevard alternative has been selected as the preferred project route. An Environmental Study with the recommended route will be submitted to the Ontario Energy Board, and, subject to regulatory approval, construction will commence in spring 2021.

I want to thank our residents, businesses, City staff, and Waterfront Toronto for their advocacy to protect our public realm. I will share further project updates as they become available.



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