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PortsToronto Billy Bishop Toronto Centre Airport Noise Management Subcommittee Report 2020

This committee has continued to work through 2020 and 2021 despite COVID-19. BQNA and YQNA have representatives along with Ports Toronto, and Billy Bishop airport members.

Councillor Joe Cressy with some past and present members of the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association board members
Toronto Island Airport – view from the Western Gap

The 2020 Noise Management Committee Annual Report is now posted on the PortsToronto Website.

Activities of Note:

  1. A Ground Noise Study has begun with Lura Consulting. This study will gather data on ground level noise in the community and at the airport to provide a noise baseline. It does NOT include noise from aircraft take-offs, fly by and landings. This baseline will provide the level of noise that occurs in our community (i.e., traffic, equipment, human) and noise at the airport from the terminal, and equipment used to run the terminal and manage the planes when docked i.e., refueling, idling before take-off.

  2. As there were reduced aircraft during 2020, the committee has begun reviewing data from a period pre-COVID-19 to data at the same time period during COVID-19 to look for differences, and has begun developing algorithms to use for statistical analysis.

  3. Work will continue on this study with the addition of two Noise Monitors to be placed at Windward Co-op and Ontario Place, and additional temporary monitors hosted by various building in our area in the next few months.


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