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Noise complaints regarding Billy Bishop Airport

You can register a noise complaint for Billy Bishop Airport and also view the historical data regarding noise at the airport.

Why the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood hears so much aircraft noise

  • BQNA residences are very close to the Billy Bishop primary runways which means we are very close to the idling, take-off and landing noises.

  • When winds blow from a general south direction it enhances sound/noise from operating aircrafts at the runway, apron and taxiway.

  • Aircraft and helicopter flights have increased significantly due to the reduced Covid restraints. Now multiple flights are occurring. There are significant line-ups of planes waiting to dock or fly and this will only increase over the summer months.

  • Black helicopters are not included in the slots, so they can do as many runs as they can fit in and they make a lot of noise. You can complain about them too!

  • The airport causes both noise and air pollution.

  • BQNA is working with University of Toronto on a pollution project to determine how much comes from the airport (ie planes, extra cars, equipment)

  • Now the airport is looking at adding up to additional new slots (each slot is a take-off or landing) and another airline company! Waltzing Matilda Airlines is looking at bringing in a new service called Connect.

  • Do we need another airline adding noise and air pollution to the waterfront?

Island Airport noise complaints are extremely important!

  • The airport keeps track of every complaint and creates a monthly (new) and yearly chart to compare from year to year.

  • It is important that they see that the noise is upsetting residents.

  • And we need lots of different reports, not all from the same few people.

Your complaints do count!

Due to noise complaints, aircraft must now taxi with only a single engine running. And planes that break curfew are fined and the money goes to community services. So, complaining does work.

All complaints are tracked on a monthly and yearly chart. We need this chart to show significant complaints from many residents.

To register a noise complaint you can go directly to the Ports Toronto noise complaint form. Complete the form and then submit. Complete one complaint per noise event OR indicate several/multiple different times of noise with times in the comment box.

Visit the Ports Toronto noise management portal to see the historical data regarding complaints and other noise related information.


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