Neighbourhood construction updates

Updated: Jan 14

Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood plan dockwall and Eireann Quay road and sidewalk paving

Wednesday, April 8, 2020: concrete work in progress to restore the proper elevation of the dockwall.

Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood plan (BQNP) dockwall

Update from Bryan Bowen, Project Manager at Waterfront Secretariat: As of Monday April 6, the City's contractors commenced the installation of steel sheets directly in the water (approximately 1/2-metre down off the existing face of the dockwall). A vibro-hammer, rather than a a much noisier pile driver, will be used on the sheets to reduce noise. The project schedule has been carefully and deliberately designed to complete critical works ahead of a forecasted rise in lake levels this Spring and Summer. Timing of construction is ten weeks – though this timing will probably be shorter. Daily weekday work can start at 7 a.m., with noise-generating work occurring only intermittently at different times each day. This work will usually end well before 5 p.m. Safety of workers and public is a priority.

Missing dockwall leaving an exposed shoreline only several centimetres above rising lake levels.

Eirieann Quay road and sidewalk paving

Update from Gene Cabral, Ports Toronto. Paving the road and sidewalks on Eireann Quay received provincial approval as an essential work project on Monday April 6 and is undertaken with all COVID-19 worker safety precautions in place. Work can begin at 7 a.m. with usual finish by 4 p.m. Work involves removal of asphalt with excavators, material deliveries, laying of asphalt, and forming and pouring of concrete. Timing to completion will be accelerated due to low traffic to BBTCA and is estimated at take 6 - 7 weeks.


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