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BQNP (Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan) 2021 activity.

The new promenade (photo below) opened December 2020. In 2021 the focus will be on the Corleck Building, the Plaza and the the rehabilitation of the silos.

The new Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan promenade
The new promenade along the Western Gap

Overview of key dates

  1. Promenade: Completed December 2020.

  2. Transportation: Substantially completed in 2020.

  3. Corleck Building: Construction to start in 2021. Planned phase 1 opening in 2022.

  4. Plaza: PFS Studio awarded the contract and started detailed design in February 2021. Phase 1 (south) construction to start early 2022.

  5. Play field: the design will start in 2021.

  6. Streetscape: Construction started and some improvements completed in 2020. Additional improvements to start design in 2021 and construction in 2022. Planning underway for possible "StreetARToronto" mural.

  7. Silos rehabilitation: Part 1: 2020 Design. 2021 - 2023 construction. Part 2: EOI/RFP planned 2022 launch.

Missing dockwall leaving an exposed shoreline only several centimetres above rising lake levels.
Current administrative building interior and the future performance, gallery and event space.

3: Corleck building

The Corleck building by Ireland Park Foundation will be a new public cultural institution on our waterfront. The plan is to engage diverse audiences through programming focused on Irish Canadian culture, multiculturalism and migration. Planned phase 1 opening in 2022.

4: The plaza

A new public waterfront plaza will be designed by PFS Studio.

“Great open space opportunities in the City of Toronto are hard to come by and this one is particularly rare. To live up to its remarkable attributes it will need to be a place people want to come to any time, on any day with the expectation that something wonderful can and will be experienced.”

“We are interested in creating multidimensional space that takes it clues from the water, the wind and the surrounding lakefront activities. (This should be) a joyful place, full of pleasurable memories for Torontonians and tourists, friends and families, old and young alike.”

“Great civic space is often measured by public interest and use. One of our team’s objectives is to have people stop, linger and engage in a variety of offerings. Food outlets, perches for people watching, informal music and performances, and gathering areas are all going to figure large in our design.”

The Canada Malting Silos

7: Silos rehabilitation

Part 1: Detailed engineering work to bring the silos into a state of good repair. This year work will start to fix the roof and perform exterior wall repairs; Basement waterproofing and pumping out the water from inside the silos. Construction will continue to 2023.

Part 2: Repurpose


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